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Larry Claypool on Electric fuel pumps in November Communique

Check out the current issue of the CORSA Communique for an excellent article on adding an electric fuel pump to your Vair.

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Important Health Info for those who work on cars

   My name is Marissa Krick and I work in the Outreach Department of The  Mesothelioma Center (  Auto Mechanics are at risk of developing mesothelioma, a rare cancer  caused from asbestos exposure that can take 20-50 years to develop.  Asbestos was commonly used in the production of older car parts,  including including brakes, clutches and heat seals.  Our website features extensive information on asbestos and we work  1-on-1 with individuals to help them find local doctors, treatment  centers and support groups all at no cost.  The link below has valuable  information that can help inform not just professional, but also home  mechanics of the dangers of asbestos and the steps involved if affected.